Price Increase.

True Leaf Tea Co will be implementing a price increase on 10/01/2021 due to unprecedented price increases on international shipping and postage costs incurred by tea companies between 2020-current. Overseas container rates have risen between 225%-500% than what they were in early 2020 and postage rates have risen significantly over the last year as well. These costs have become increasingly clear that this combination of constrained capacity and unprecedented costs will be with us through at least early 2022. While our initial strategy was to absorb as much of the cost increase as possible on behalf of our customers, the change in duration and severity of this crisis has forced us to re-evaluate that strategy as we consider our own ability to maintain the service levels you have come to expect from us.

Please know that we did not come to this decision lightly. In a year of unprecedented occurrences, we approach each unprecedented new policy with our customers’ success as our guiding principle. It is the entire industry’s hope that we will return to normalcy in the very near future.